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Written by Training and Consulting (TAC) Team   

TacticalK9USA.com operates under the auspices of Training and Consulting [TAC] Team, LLC.  In addition to managing and facilitating its two web sites, TAC Team  retains and utilizes the services and expertise of highly respected law enforcement and law enforcement-related individuals with various tactical and K9 backgrounds to assist its efforts and works both independently and in conjunction with other businesses and agencies to provide a variety of tactical and K9-related training, services and consulting for its clients.  The following services are providing through Training and Consulting Team;


Training and Consulting [TAC] Team provides contemporary training geared to not only make the job safer, more efficient and to limit liability, but we also provide training that is affordable and reasonable.  TAC Team specializes in tactical training, liability and tactical supervision for patrol, SWAT and/or K9.  Be sure to check the "Seminar and Training Courses" section and read about our "On-Site Training" and "Customized Courses" for additional information.  And. some courses are offered as a "fundraising" opportunity for the host agency, organization or K9 Unit. 


TAC Team provides consulting services for law enforcement, government entities, private businesses and individuals.  We can provide the consultant with the appropriate experience related to law enforcement, tactical teams and operations, field operations, patrol and tactical supervision, and use of force, with a specific emphasis on K9 operations, training, supervision, liability, deployment, policies/procedures, and handler compensation.  Additionally, we have extensive experience in labor negotiations, management relations, and employee representation.

Expert Witnesses - Are you in trouble?  Do you need help?

TAC Team can provide expert witnesses for testifying and case preparation consultants in civil and criminal cases representing Plaintiffs and Defendants.  Areas of expertise include K9 operations and supervision, tactical (SWAT) team operations and supervision, patrol operations, and general law enforcement-related matters involving supervision, employee/management relations, and use of force.  Sergeant Bill Lewis II (Retired) has been an expert witness with the Round Table Group® since 2008 and worked as an expert witness for K9 cases involving the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. 

Evaluations for SWAT and K9 Units

The reason an agency conducts an independent evaluation or audit of its teams is to address potential civil liability, reduce the risks associated with operations, and ensure the teams are operating within currents standards.  TAC Team will conduct thorough and comprehensive operational evaluations and audits for tactical teams and K9 units that will include, but not limited to,  a review of policies, procedures, operations, supervision, training, litigation, use of force,  documentation, discipline, and standards/certifications.  This process will include  interviews and training session observations.  The structure and content of the audit as a final audit report can be determined.

Case Studies and Tactical Reviews

TAC Team will conduct case studies or tactical reviews of critical and significant incidents for patrol-related incidents, tactical team operations, K9 deployments, and specialty unit operations.

Report Reviews and Critiques

TAC Team will review use of force and K9 use reports and provide general comments about the incident as well as critiques directed at improving the report writing content and style and address any related training issues if needed.  This service is provided with multiple options, including an informal initial consultation provided free of charge based on a single submission from a handler or supervisor from a single agency, based on time available and quantity, or a more formal process where reports are submitted by supervisors as a matter of routine.  Confidentiality agreements or notices may be required to accompany reports submitted to address any applicable laws pertaining to distribution of reports as well as potential discovery issues.  Contact us for more information.

For information on training courses available through TAC Team, click on the "Seminars and Training" section in the Menu.

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