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“A canine's training is never done. You'll train them until the day you retire them."

-Jimmie Davenport



Course Announcement - "Canine Liability for Patrol Supervisors"

During and after each "Canine Liability 360" class without fail, handlers and K9 supervisors say in person or through the course evaluation that "patrol supervisors and watch commanders need to attend this course."  I agree but I don't think ALL of the information being shared in CL360 is applicable so a new course has been developed.  This class is recommended for patrol supervisors, Patrol Watch Commanders and Incident Commanders with zero to minimal knowledge of K9 operations and related policies who are currently supervising or may supervise a patrol K9 teams.  I do NOT recommend this class for K9 handlers, prospective handlers or current K9 supervisors.  If your agency is interested in hosting this class in-house for your patrol supervisors, or if you would like to host the class for your supervisors and others, contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .   -Bill Lewis II


Training Videos Now Appearing on PoliceOne.com

You can view two short video clips produced by PoliceOne.com with TAC Team owner and TacticalK9USA.com facilitator Bill Lewis II discussing 1) how to integrate your K9 team with your SWAT team and what to consider when determining the placement of your K9 in your formation, and 2) how to work with your dog using a long line and voice inflections.  If you would like more information about training courses, click on "Seminars & Training Courses" in the Main Menu to the left.  You can access the videos by clicking on the links below;




Welcome to TacticalK9USA.com.....from Bill Lewis II;

TacticalK9USA.com is a "free" resource for you to access K9-related training information, articles, tactical talk, tips and commentaries.  The primary purpose of this site is to provide a resource and service open and accessible for sharing information and providing training and consulting to reduce risk, limit liability and make the job easier and safer for those K9 handlers, supervisors, and other law enforcement and military personnel deploying and associated with a service dog.  Updates and news articles are sent occasionally as an e-newsletter to registrants via the Constant Contact system as well as the "Reasons We Get in Trouble" periodical and new "Canine Close Calls."  No subscription or money required, only registration.  TacticalK9USA.com is safe for the environment!

I provide a few articles from K9 experts and also incorporate a little parody to offer advice and provide commentaries on current issues and tactical deployments via contributions by "The Leagle Beagle" and translations of "The Tactical Wisdom of Dog Tzu" with real-world up-to-date applications.

Additionally, I will offer a few K9-related products and equipment for sale via the TAC TEAM STORE featuring "K9 Gear" that is open and accessible to "civilian dog owners" as well as law enforcement and military personnel to provide quality leashes - including the multi-purpose TAC-3 leash - and other products that will help offset the costs of maintaining and advertising this web site.

The information posted within or distributed via TacticalK9USA.com is intended strictly for active or retired sworn law enforcement personnel deploying or associated with police service dogs, other than the TAC TEAM STORE and Product Reviews. TacticalK9USA.com operates under the auspices of Training and Consulting (TAC) Team, LLC.  TAC Team is owned by me - Sergeant Bill Lewis II (Retired) - and I also serve as primary facilitator for TacticalK9USA.com and TacticalDebriefs.com.  If you have not already done so, you may now request access to this site;


We safeguard your e-mail address and will not share it with any other organization or mailing list.-


The TAC TEAM STORE is open for business!

The TAC TEAM STORE is now online and provides you with the opportunity to make online purchases of a few tactical and K9-related products we offer to law enforcement, military personnel and civilians as well as the convenience to register and pay online for our upcoming training and seminars.  You can access the store by clicking on "TAC TEAM STORE" in the Main Menu section.

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"Canine Liability 360"

"Canine Liability 360" is the most comprehensive lilability seminar now being offered to K9 handlers, supervisors and others according to attendee feedback.  You can access more information and see other course locations/dates by clicking on "Canine Liability 360" in the Main Menu section.



Below:  The "original" TAC Team Challenge Coin from Delta Challenge Coins

Challenge_Coin_-_TacticalK9USA Challenge_Coin_-_Tactical_Debriefs

Rules & History of Challenge Coins from Delta Challenge Coins: During World War II, and even dating back to Roman times, the practice of carrying a specialty designed unit coin became very popular because it saved lives by becoming a means of identification.  Today...carrying the coin at "all times" and presenting it when challenged results in a number of consequences for those who cannot produce their coin, such as buying a round of drinks.  "Coin checks" are permitted anytime and any place.  If challenged, you must produce your coin.  If you produce your coin, the challenger must buy you a drink.  If you are unable to produce your coin, you must buy the challenger a drink.  Failure to respond to a challenge may result in the loss of your coin - you may be asked to return siad coin to issuing unit or agency.

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